giovedì 28 agosto 2014

Peyrieras reserve - Madagascar Exotic (ENG)

The visit of the reserve of Peyrieras or Madagascar Exotic of Marozevo is highly recommend when you go  to the east coast of Madagascar. It is located 72 km from the capital inside the green forest of  Mandraka. The naturalist who created this reserve is André Peyrieras, a researcher who is passionate of Malagasy biodiversity and does not count the time to study
it. It is a breeding center hosting some species of reptiles, amphibians, mammals and some insects. The resident mammal of this farm is the Tenrec eucaudatus, an insectivorous well known throughout Madagascar. Up the hill, a small strip of natural forest in the south part of the reserve  gives shelter to sifaka and grey lemurs who have been relocated there due to the degradation of their natural habitat. A cage breeding butterflies like the famous butterfly comet Argema mittrei also distinguish this farm. Butterflies are designated for export. It's fun to touch and take on hands the famous flat geckos like Uroplatus distinguished by
their different forms and it is the king of camouflage. They mimic the substrate where they are. Reptiles such as the famous chameleon Calumma parsonii which is the largest chameleon of Madagascar and smallest chameleons Brookesia are sheltered also on this
farm. Another cage is designated for the amphibian orange frog, Mantella aurantiaca which is very popular and very appreciate by europeans and americans as a pet. Not far away, another cage simulating natural environment hosts the frog Dyscophus guineti. The crocodile pond is also an opportunity to get close to these animals. Finally, snakes are not forgotten by the creator of this reserve, the legendary Sanzinia madagascariensis awaits you there, sweet and  non-venomous snake.
It is attractive here because it provides an opportunity for visitors to see some of the most hidden treasures of Malagasy biodiversity. This center offers extraordinary opportunities to see very close or even touch the animals that can not be easily seen in the forest. The guides are there to help you and they allow tourists to touch the animals.

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