giovedì 1 gennaio 2015

Tsiroanomandidy: Arc en Ciel Center

The Arc En Ciel (Rainbow)  is an educational center receiving  children and young people suffering mental illness and physical disabilities. The principle of this center is to receive
these children and give them support and basic education, train them to a manual work, play with them, teach them and improve their communication (speaking, express). Furthermore, the efforts of the staff is directed to give them self- confidence and to help them finding their place within their families and within society. Arc En Ciel harbors people who have these disorders and disabilities issues, without being a special school because boarders cannot follow properly usual school programs.
Most boarders are children rejected by
society because considered a shame for their families. For the old local culture, it is difficult for parents and families to accept the handicap of their children. It is very sad that, it is their own family is the primary cause for the problems of these children (parents poor, alcohol-dependent, unemployed...). In some cases, the origin of mental deficit is from infantile malnutrition, which deprived the children from the necessary nutrients during the crucial moment of the nervous system development. Fortunately, Arc En Ciel is there, born fifteen years ago, to accompany and assist children and especially to help parents on how to behave towards their children, explaining the origin of the disease that their children suffer. "Going to Arc En Ciel every day with the backpack like all normal children change much the mentality of the children and their parents at home," said Madeleine, the responsible of the center. Educators are patient, motivated and attentive take on hand the education of these children and support parents too. After the support and assistance of these children and young people for a certain period, some are sent to normal school to follow their education. Others specialize themselves in baking, sewing or food processing (i.e. jam production) having the access to the tools of the center. In return, beneficiaries share the profit with the center to ensure the progress of it and to buy other necessary equipment.
Fifteen years already passed, and a very significant route has been done but what awaits Arc En Ciel is a long-term work and a particular vocation to participate in education of disadvantaged children.

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